NBA 2K18 - How Patch 4 Improved MyCareer and Neighborhood Modes


NBA 2K18 was updated to Patch 4 on October 12th. PlayStation 4 players were the first who saw the changes. The updates were applied a bit later on other systems. This patch fixes issues in almost all game modes. In MyCareer mode, if MyPlayer has a contract with a shoe company then the shoes worn on the court will be free. MyCourt got a small revamp as some murals are now updated. Six teams have new murals. These are Oklahoma City Thunder, Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, New Orleans Pelicans, Denver Nuggets, and Dallas Mavericks. Silver and Non-Plus members have the chance to participate in drills with AI players. The shot meter was updated for HORSE games. Two hangs, one in live practice and another that triggered during the conversation with David Aldridge, were fixed. An issue that prevented the coins balance from being properly shown is fixed. After MyPlayer takes part in an NBA game, subtitles will now be shown during the interviews.

The following updates are for the Neighborhood mode. The NBA store received a new batch of jerseys. Players can now get Nike Jerseys for Dwayne Wade, Andrew Wiggins, Derrick Rose, and others. Coins received after a Playground match were not always correctly displayed. Patch 4 took care of this issue. The Ruffles event now offers a much better experience. Players will be able to see the turbo meter as the issue that caused gamer tags to overlay it was now fixed. If a player levels up and others are taking part in games on the court, a stutter would happen. This issue should not occur anymore. A rather annoying error prevented the correct score from being displayed in certain Playground games. This was also fixed.

These updates concern general issues, and not a particular game mode. Five new types of shoes and a new collection of uniforms were added to the game. More physical customization options such as new beards and mustaches are now available. Issues with MyTeam and MyLeague were fixed as well with this patch. This is a very good news for basketball game players. Another good news is we will provide tips of Google Play Card buying next week. If you want to purchase your favorite digital entertainment, remember to visit us for useful tips.